Property Management

Property Management & Letting

Letting your property to the right tenants speedily, and maintaining high levels of occupancy, are both key to the viability of your buy-to-let investment. We currently manage in excess of 100 residential units through our in-house lettings business, and provide expert advice on the right rental valuation and the most suitable type of tenant.

Our Management service:

  1. The first step is to allow our team to complete a property assessment; this ensures that the property meets legal compliance and also our minimum standards as a company for the properties we offer, using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) to help define the categories.
  2. Following on from the assessments we will provide recommendations for improvements ensuring compliance and maximising your returns.
  3. Obtaining appropriate references for prospective tenants.
  4. Preparing a tenancy agreement and any other relevant notices.
  5. Arranging an inventory of the property and its contents.
  6. Monthly rent collection and payment to clients.
  7. Submitting accounts if requested and provide access to accounts via our cloud-based management system.
  8. Full maintenance of the property – including regular inspection visits and the organisation of routine repairs – thereby safeguarding the value of your investment and ensuring compliance with your legal requirements as a landlord.

Our Values

Friendly, Respectful, Trustworthy, Competent & Inventive

We have five core values that we work towards every day. We listen to opinions of our tenants and landlords and strive to meet your needs, as we are dedicated to delivering the highest of standards. By investing in the best teams and constantly enhancing our skills, we are able to continually improve the quality of our ideas for your benefit. Above all, our number one priority is being wholly open and honest to gain, grow and maintain your trust.

All of our values are important to us as a company, but our core value is being trustworthy. We’re always professional, reliable, open and honest. You can depend on us to keep our promises and follow through on our commitments. We are committed as a company to help the local community, businesses and organisations.
We look out for your best interests and show we care by dealing with you in a warm and friendly manner.
We’re creative and resourceful. We strive to improve what we do and how we do it, so we can provide the best standard and services to look after people, their homes and communities.
We listen to opinions of our tenants and landlords and strive to meet your needs and we are dedicated to delivering the highest of standards. We understand the importance of the home and community in people’s lives and act with respect at all times.
We’ve got the qualifications, experience and take great pride in our work to consistently deliver the highest standards and value for money. We’re informed and always building on that knowledge to constantly improve our quality of service to you.