Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

Our fees for the fully managed service are £295, and 6.5% of the monthly rental income. In addition to the tenant find service we will carry out the following.

  • Inspect the property as a minimum every 3 months.
  • Handle tenants enquires.
  • Arrange for any repair work on behalf of the landlord when authorised by the landlord to do so or on using the discretion granted to the agent by the landlord in this contract to protect the property and the landlord’s interest.
  • Administer all maintenance and repairs up to the cost of £100.
  • Check the tenants out at the end of their tenancy.
  • Advise gas, electric, water board and council tax of any changes in tenants.
  • Rent Collection:
    • Arranging payment of rent from the tenant to our Client account.
    • Forward rent after deductions for maintenance and fees to the Landlords designated bank account.
    • Submit to the Landlord a monthly statement of the rental income received and expenditure.
    • Negotiate rent increases and tenancy extension/renewal with the same tenants.

Our Values

Friendly, Respectful, Trustworthy, Competent & Inventive

We have five core values that we work towards every day. We listen to opinions of our tenants and landlords and strive to meet your needs, as we are dedicated to delivering the highest of standards. By investing in the best teams and constantly enhancing our skills, we are able to continually improve the quality of our ideas for your benefit. Above all, our number one priority is being wholly open and honest to gain, grow and maintain your trust.

All of our values are important to us as a company, but our core value is being trustworthy. We’re always professional, reliable, open and honest. You can depend on us to keep our promises and follow through on our commitments. We are committed as a company to help the local community, businesses and organisations.
We look out for your best interests and show we care by dealing with you in a warm and friendly manner.
We’re creative and resourceful. We strive to improve what we do and how we do it, so we can provide the best standard and services to look after people, their homes and communities.
We listen to opinions of our tenants and landlords and strive to meet your needs and we are dedicated to delivering the highest of standards. We understand the importance of the home and community in people’s lives and act with respect at all times.
We’ve got the qualifications, experience and take great pride in our work to consistently deliver the highest standards and value for money. We’re informed and always building on that knowledge to constantly improve our quality of service to you.